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Melissa || 20 ||Asexual

Hi guys! I'm Misha and I'm panromantic asexual. I'm a sophomore in college, and I'm a total dork.

I'm always into making new friends! And, I have a follow-back policy, plus my inbox is always open, day or night. I look forward to getting to know you! :) is my other tumblr. I do less talking there and more reblogging. :P

Ohh, I like these feels. Chapel approves.

I’m beginning to think I’m aromantic. Because I’m really bad at relationships. I want to be with someone, but I always follow the wrong people around like a puppy at their heels. I want to be with someone, but when the opportunity presents itself I’m always “just not ready”. I’m not sure. Right now I just really like being alone.

The older I get the more I notice I’m apprehensive to trust people. In almost every relationship I’ve ever been in, I’ve done all the giving and none of the receiving. I try not to let it make me bitter as a person, but I find it’s sometimes difficult. I’ve never been in a functional relationship, is there even such a thing?

None of my relationships have made me happy, as a person. None of my relationships have ever ended on a good note. Now it’s affecting how I make friends, or how I speak to people. I never give people information they can use to completely obliterate my heart with. It’s lonely, but I just don’t feel like I’ll ever meet that someone. Maybe that’s not terrible. 

I have so much love to give, yes. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think I deserve some in return.

Anonymous said: Welcome to day 30. How was your month?

Wow! It really flew by! Thanks for hanging in there with me, anon. <3

A letter from 1941 a friend in my church showed me this morning.

A letter from 1941 a friend in my church showed me this morning.


what’s the point of blurring out the middle finger on tv like ooooh you have me fooled what’s behind all that blur?  is it an umbrella?  an elephant?  a young bill cosby?